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Also known as Daniel Mpilo Richards

review: “mpilo may - award winning star of stage and musical theatre in South Africa - export quality extraordinaire”

- Robyn Cohen

review: “MPILO rising to challenge in Fugard's 'Shakespeare in Love'...He brings an edginess, a steely sense of danger to every role - a visceral presence - using his body as an instrument.”


“Winners of the 2019 Naledi Theatre Awards announced! - BEST PERFORMANCE IN A SOLO PRODUCTION -Daniel Mpilo Richards - Land Acts”

- Chris Avant Smith

“Cast members from the latest run of Shakespeare in Love at the Fugard Theatre, Daniel Mpilo Richards, Roxane Hayward and Walter van Dyk, join Expresso to share more about what can be expected…”

Mpilo as Will in Shakespeare In Love.png

“Daniel Mpilo Richards who plays the leading role of William Shakespeare in the production, stopped by The Flash Drive to chat to Carl Wastie.”


“Author Yusuf Daniels best-selling memoir Living Coloured has been adapted for the stage by actor Daniel Mpilo Richards.” 

- CapeTalk

“What was a welcome treat was the casting of Daniel Mpilo Richards as Shakespeare, who had evident on-stage chemistry with Roxanne Hayward…female lead…Richards brings much energy and cheekiness to the role.”

- Weekend Argus (Wendyl Martin)

Die Glas Ennie Draad

(Facebook page)

Award-winning play by Mpilo May and Gantane Kusch 

Performed at Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison

“One hundred male and one hundred female inmates under extremely tight security were ushered into a gathering room inside the prison to watch the play called “Die Glas ennie Draad – The Glass and the Wire; gang lingo for the visionary/strategist (glass) and the implementer/communicator. The play traces the life of two prison cell mates linked to a prison-based Numbers gang, providing unique insight into modern day gang culture in South Africa.”

- Discover Society

“In what is a tightly bound succession of skits, it is that last facet – though supported by the other two – that shines most brightly in Mpilo’s case, as he morphs from characters old to young, from male to female, and from musician to sportsman. Van Graan (the writer) is internationally respected for taking on political issues via stage drama and Richards is one of the few performers in the country able to match Van Vuuren for ability, intensity and versatility.”

- Bruce Dennil

“…the fantastic romantic comedy Shakespeare in Love live at the Fugard Theatre. The production which stars the fantastic acting of Daniel Mpilo Richards (Shakespeare). Richards displayed impressive acting especially in the comedic moments of the production.”

- Comlink

“Mpilo May and Daisy Doris May talk about the Ruben Richards Foundation’s Project Orange.”

- Espresso Sow

“His (Van Graan) latest offering, State Fracture, is again an excellent showcase for the triple threat that is Mpilo May. The singing, dancing actor deserves the awards he won for his previous foray into satire with Van Graan, Pay Back the Curry, and this State Fracture is also a stand-out performance.”

- Weekend Special (Theresa Smith)

On the couch with Daniel Mpilo Richards

- Radio Interview - Cape Talk

Mpilo may delivers a remarkable performance, adding to a body of work that already bears testament to his versatility as an actor. Whether he is called upon to speak, slam or sing, he delivers the goods. His extraordinary physical and rhythmic shifts from character to character are expertly guided by Van Vuuren, whose boldly comic eye has enabled Mpilo to polish each skit to perfection.”

- Broadway World (David Fick)

“Daniel Richards chats to us ahead of his latest show, State Fracture.”

- Espresso Live

 “Stepping into the role of Will Shakespeare is Daniel Mpilo Richards who has been dazzling audiences as Bernardo the leader of the Sharks in the Fugard Theatre’s West Side Story (also Aunty Merle the Musical, State Fracture, Pay Back the Curry)”

- Creative Feel

“Daniel Mpilo Richards just oozes talent. With a versatile set of skills this comedian can also sing, playing guitar, explore several accents, dance and can even deliver a six-way conversation by himself.”

- Top Comedians SA

Commit these words to memory: Daniel Mpilo Richards. He will be up there with the greats and it will not take him long to get there.”

- Tony Jackman - Daily Maverick

“Comedian Daniel Mpilo Richards joins us in studio to chat about his new show 'Pay Back the Curry'.”

- Espresso Show

“Pay Back the Curry has just finished a short run at the Baxter Theatre after selling out all eight of its shows at the National Arts Festival Fringe. The revue is now showing at the Kalk Bay Theatre…”

- Pen South Africa

“Cape Town Jive Comedy Festival - The local cast includes Marc Lottering, Dalin Oliver, Daniel Mpilo Richards.”

- Cape Times.

“ The third play in this stand up comedy model, with the delicious Daniel Mpilo Richards at the mic, Land Acts is even more potent than its predecessors, Pay Back the Curry and State Fracture. Richards is easy on the eye, and his musical skill and interpretation of the text really make it sing as he takes impeccable ownership of the material…With ten tightly honed and well-polished acts, Richards deftly describes the disappointing realities through the complex issues and status of land in our times.”

- R. Sassen

Daniel Mpilo Richards at the Oxford Peace Talks

“I could have been one of these kids. So, I and one of my friends co-wrote and performed a piece of theatre which gave voice to the dialogue between a gang leader and a psychologist based on a true story. No matter who you are, what you have done, we all have the capacity for change.”

Oxford Peace Talks.png

“I am currently performing a one-man show called Pay Back the Curry which toured South Africa in 2016 and will continue to tour in 2017. To date I have done 95 performances of this show. Written by Mike Van Graan. Directed by Rob Van Vuuren. Produced by Siv Ngesi.”

- Indie Activity

“Part of the magic has been the discovery of this performer. He takes the material and has fun with it at breakneck speed which means from the start, he must be word perfect with a performance that’s seamless.”

- Diane De Beer

“Comedy gold…The performance venue, was too small to contain the talent displayed and the audience jam-packed into the theatre.”

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