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Mpilo May is an award-winning actor, writer and musician from South Africa, living in London.

“Mpilo May rising to the challenge in Fugard's 'Shakespeare in Love'...He brings an edginess, a steely sense of danger to every role - a visceral presence - using his body as an instrument.”

- Cape Times - Review

“Mpilo May - award-winning star of stage and musical theatre in South Africa - export quality extraordinaire”

- Robyn Cohen

“His (Van Graan) latest offering, State Fracture, is again an excellent showcase for the triple threat that is Mpilo May. The singing, dancing actor deserves the awards he won for his previous foray into satire with Van Graan, Pay Back the Curry, and this State Fracture is also a stand-out performance.”

- Weekend Special (Theresa Smith)

“Mpilo May delivers a remarkable performance, adding to a body of work that already bears testament to his versatility as an actor. Whether he is called upon to speak, slam or sing, he delivers the goods. His extraordinary physical and rhythmic shifts from character to character are expertly guided by van Vuuren, whose boldly comic eye has enabled Mpilo to polish each skit to perfection.”

- Broadway World (David Fick) 

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